Real Estate Non-Disclosure Issues

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Nondisclosure is a type of fraud. When the seller of commercial property fails to close material information about what you are buying, you can suffer economic harm. The property you purchased can become a financial drain rather than the investment you thought you were getting.

The Law Offices of Rick Aljabi represents entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals who have been defrauded on purchases of real estate because the seller failed to disclose defects or other issues with the property. As your lawyer, Rick Aljabi will help you obtain compensation for everything you have lost based on a seller?s failure to disclose defects or other property issues.

The following are examples of nondisclosure issues:

-?Failure to disclose encumbrances or liens on property

-?Failure to disclose environmental issues such as chemical contamination or buried fuel tanks on commercial property

-?Failure to disclose water damage to a home or business

-?Failure to disclose earthquake damage to a home or business

-?Failure to disclose property defects such as a leaking roof or subsidence

-?Valuation nondisclosure issues

If you?ve been affected due because a seller or other person obligated to disclose defects in real estate did not do so, you may have legal options. The law requires disclosure in specific circumstances to protect buyers; The Law Offices of Rick Aljabi can help.