Starting Or Buying A Business

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If you are buying or selling a business in San Diego, it?s important to talk to a lawyer and understand the details. For example, you may assume that a refundable escrow will remain refundable. However, it may be refundable only during a 30-day observation period. Not understanding the details of how your escrow deposit works can cost you tens of thousands of dollars if the deal does not go through.

As a business attorney, Rick Aljabi routinely represents entrepreneurs who buy or sell various businesses, including but not limited to supermarkets, liquor stores, car dealerships, auto repair shops, cell phone stores, franchises, gas stations, car washes and other businesses in San Diego. The Law Offices of Rick Aljabi offers a free initial consultation to discuss your transaction.

Here are examples of the legal services Attorney Aljabi provides if you are starting or buying a business:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating purchase and sale agreements
  • Advising you on what you are buying. Are you purchasing the assets of the business only? Are you buying good will or the customer list? What about any existing liabilities the business may have?
  • Advising you with regard to the escrow deposit, liquidated damages provisions and the potential loss of deposit
  • Helping you understand due diligence periods and each party?s responsibilities in the transaction
  • Representing you on issues such as seller financing and carryback issues
  • Helping you deal with creditor liens and releases
  • Helping you choose the right business entity to secure the desired tax benefits and liability protection
  • Drafting and advising you on partnership agreements, nondisclosure agreements with third parties, distribution agreements and other agreements you will need
  • Advising you on local laws, applicable government licenses and permits you will need to operate a business
  • If you are buying a restaurant or bar, helping you with alcoholic beverage control (ABC) licensing. The Law Offices of Rick Aljabi can assist you with the full liquor license application process and also help you deal with violations.
  • Advising you with regard to the lease and landlord negotiations