Commercial Real Estate

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Understanding the amount of due diligence required in a real estate transaction is crucial when you are buying or selling commercial real estate. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate issues such as zoning requirements and environmental issues to ensure you are getting everything you think you are getting.

Attorney Rick Aljabi represents buyers and sellers of real property that have existing markets, strip malls, gas stations, bars, restaurants, undeveloped land, and other commercial property in San Diego. The Law Offices of Rick Aljabi offers a free initial consultation to discuss your needs.

San Diego Commercial Property Lawyer

Here are examples of the commercial real estate services provided:

  • Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements. Attorney Aljabi represents the interests of buyers and sellers in issues such as disclosure of property defects.
  • Advising you on escrow deposits. Without the proper contingency clauses, you could lose a substantial amount of money if the sale does not go through.
  • Reviewing environmental issues. If there are issues such as soil contamination, your investment could end up becoming a financial drain rather that the investment you wanted.
  • Reviewing zoning and easement issues. The time to determine if the property is zoned for your intended use is before you buy the property, not after.
  • Assisting you with 1031 transactions. If not done properly, you won?t receive the tax advantages you are seeking.
  • Commercial lease agreements. If you are purchasing a multi-tenant property it is crucial to understand the details of each of the tenants? leases.

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