Contracts & Licensing

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As an attorney who often litigates business contracts that go wrong, Rick aljabi understands the importance of drafting agreements that clearly spell out the obligations of each party. Litigation is expensive. Therefore, the goal as a contracts lawyer is to help you avoid problems before they happen.

The Law Offices of Rick Aljabi represents entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses in San Diego in drafting and reviewing all types of contracts and agreements, including but not limited to:

  • Third-party business contract review and drafting
  • Custom contracts to accomplish specific business needs
  • Licensing of trademarks or brands
  • Licensing of technology
  • Distribution agreements
  • Nondisclosure and noncompetition agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Sales agreements
  • Release agreements
  • Promissory notes and security agreements

When another party does not perform according to the terms of a contract, attorney Aljabi can represent you in litigation that seeks to have the contract enforced or recover damages for the harm you have suffered due to the breach.

Real Estate Contracts

In addition to business contracts, The Law Offices of Rick Aljabi also advise clients in the real estate arena with commercial real estate purchase and sale agreements.

Business Permits and Licensing

Attorney Aljabi also assists business owners with all types of permits and licenses needed to operate their business. Please contact The Law Offices of Rick Aljabi to discuss which permits your business may require.